Mental Health


Mental health can be defined as

... a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.

- World Health Organisation

There are many ways to promote good mental health, which is just as important as looking after our physical health.

It is very important that help is sought at the earliest signs of a mental illness developing if possible.

Help is available.

Consult your family doctor or your nearest mental health service.

During a crisis, please call Lifeline Australia on  13 11 14 or contact emergency services by dialing  000.


Adam Lo OAM J.P (Qual)

occupational therapist

Mental Health Clinician




B. OccThy

Adam always had an interest in mental health, the brain and the human mind. He made the decision to devote himself professionally in the field of mental health care during his time studying occupational therapy at university. He continues to work in various areas of mental health across the spectrum of care from mental health promotion to ongoing care, spanning two decades of work across multiple areas of the mental health care sector.  Adam also engages in mental health eduction, clinical supervision, research, person-centred care approaches, community projects and advocacy work.

Brief Info:

- 21+ years of experience in case management, assessment and treatment of complex and severe mental illnesses in both children and adults

  1. -Strong interest and experience in Mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention for children and adolescents

  1. -Lecturer, clinical educator and supervisor

  1. -Festival Director and founder of the Positive Mindset Creative Arts Festival

  1. -Member of the Association of Occupational Therapy Australia, World Federation of Occupational Therapists, and the Asia Pacific Occupational Therapy Regional Group.

  1. -Previous creator and Coordinator of “OurSpace”, a program for children of parents/families with a mental illness and “Arts on Our Mind” creative activities group.

  1. -Accredited Master Trainer in Youth Mental Health First Aid and Teen Mental Health Firs Aid.

  1. - Facilitator for various programs such as “RAGE - Renegotiating Angry and Guilty Emotions”, “Bringing Up Great Kids”, “FRIENDS”, “FUN FRIENDS”, “Born Survivors”, “No Apologies” and “BRiTA - Building Resilience in Transcultural Australians”.

-  Small Private Practice on Brisbane’s             Southside (Sunnybank) Click for Details~

practice and interest areas

  1. -Assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a wide range of mental health, developmental delay and psychosocial problems affecting adults, children and their families.

  1. -Occupational science

- Sensory attachment approaches

  1. -Transcultural Mental Health

  1. -Family Therapy

  1. -Group-based Therapy

  1. -Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

  1. -Interpersonal Therapy (IPT)

- Grief, loss and trauma counselling

- Mentalisation-Based Therapy

  1. -Application of movement and creative arts activities in promoting positive mental health in the therapeutic context

  1. -Research and evidence-informed practices

  1. -Work Rehabilitation

- Adventure-based Therapy

  1. -Psychosocial/functional assessments

  1. -Mindfulness and Acceptance Commitment Therapy

  1. -Gender therapy

- Animal Assisted Therapy

  1. -Psychological First Aid

  1. -Aviation Mental Health

- Military Mental Health (e.g. role transition in veterans and promotion of help-seeking behaviours)

Adam is a strong advocate for the relationship between creative activities and health